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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Digital Hollywood experience.

Hi everyone,

We have just come back from our third visit to the Digital Hollywood conference in Los Angeles. This conference certainly had a different feel about it. Digital Media, or most importantly, monetizing media assets on the Internet has become the hottest topic surrounding the industry. We have met many content owners who are interested in how Hyper MP can help protect and monetize their assets online.

The Internet advertising world continues to strengthen their relationships with advertisers and consumers. They are always finding ways of seamlessly reaching the consumer. More emphasis has been placed on protecting user's privacy, and improving targeting. Obviously this is most important. The trick has always been about finding an intelligent way of protecting the user, and at the same time, providing relevant advertising to maximise effect and give the user a more tailored and relevant experience. Hyper MP is very interested in how this unfolds. We are currently looking for the best Advertising Network to work with in order to get the best experience possible for all parties.

Fritz Attaway from the MPAA made an interesting comment during this conference. He stated that the motion picture studios need to look at releasing their video assets to the Internet earlier. This has by far been the biggest and most important statement to come out of the Digital Hollywood conference. It suggests that on the Internet, the consumer is king, and that there has to be a way to appeal and monetize this ever growing market. We certainly welcome the MPAA to discuss further how we can help the studios get to this stage of their evolution.

Content rights management, also referred to as the dirty word DRM played a big part in this conference. It's interesting to see what DRM means to different people. To the consumer, DRM means chains and shackles, to the content owner, it means business logic and monetization. To HyperMP, it simply means protection. We prefer to secure content to keep content owners safe and comfortable, and leave it at that. The rest of the intelligence within the HyperMP technology is based around consumer and advertiser needs and expectation. By pairing the two together, we organically achieve monetization.

As Hyper MP continues its journey, we are finding more acceptance to our offering. We believe that the correct alliances and partnerships will create a solid foundation to making this solution function online. We should always been mindful that the creative efforts of film and television shows need to be fairly rewarded. Hollywood is the dream factory of the world, and together as a global community we can keep the dreams alive.

The Hyper MP Development Team.