:: Hyper MP Demo ::

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Hyper MP Virtual Television Network is here.

Hi everyone,

We are very excited about our public beta demonstration of the Hyper MP Solution. The interesting part about this release is our ability to demonstrate the virtualisation of the television network.

Effectively this means that we are able to take all the best functions of broadcast TV, and fuse it with the best parts of Internet delivery, and feedback systems. The result is that any television network on the planet today (free to air or subscriber based) can now be ported into the Internet.

As we further develop our technology, traditional broadcasters will all be able to reap direct benefits of Hyper MP from a technology and business point of view. Viewers will also benefit by knowing that the content is legitimate (not pirated).

We welcome all broadcasters and content license holders to view a sample of our technology, and to discuss further how we can be of benefit to their business.

A public demo of our solution is now available for you to download and share.

The Hyper MP Development Team.